Protecting Your Share Of The Marital Property

Divorce can be an emotional, stressful, and contentious process. In addition to terminating a relationship with your spouse, you must also make important decisions regarding how you will divide the property you share. Consult with an Arlington property division attorney to ensure that you get everything you deserve. At the Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC, we have more than 13 years of legal experience. If you are considering divorce, we can help you take stock of your overall situation, make a plan and then execute it. Our attorney provides knowledgeable counsel and effective representation in property division and related family law matters. We speak Vietnamese and Spanish

Community Property And Separate Property: The Rules In Texas

In Texas, property is classified as either community or separate. Community property is divided evenly in a divorce, while separate property belongs only to one spouse, and he or she will not have to include it for the purpose of property division.

Separate Property

Examples of separate property, or property that will not be divided in a divorce, include property:

  • Owned by a spouse before the marriage
  • Acquired as a gift, will or inheritance during the marriage
  • Purchased during the marriage with funds that qualify as separate property
  • Excluded from community property by agreement

Agreements to exclude things from community property can be made before marriage via a premarital or prenuptial agreement or during marriage with a marital property agreement. If you have questions about these agreements, our attorney can tell you more.

Community Property

Everything that is not separate property is community property. In a divorce, each spouse is entitled to one half of the community property. Some common examples of community property include:

  • Salary and wages
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Income from separate and community property (dividends, for example)
  • Assets acquired during marriage, including small businesses
  • Joint debts, such as credit card debts

How We Can Help You

Judges make decisions about property division in order to make it as fair as possible. Negotiating a settlement instead of spending the time and money necessary to litigate the issue is usually more efficient. Allowing our attorney to negotiate on your behalf will also take the judge’s concepts of fairness out of the equation, giving you more control over the outcome. We will advocate on your behalf and advise you as to when to make a concession and when to dig in to defend your financial interests.

Sometimes, however, settlement is not an option. If going to court is the only option, we are prepared to aggressively and effectively represent you and your interests. We will go the extra mile in order to get you the result you deserve.

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