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Client Testimonials

“When it came to my divorce Mr. Nguyen and his staff did an amazing job and worked very hard to make sure I was taken care of. I highly recommend his office for any of your needs. This has been my second time going to the firm with time sensitive issues and both times I was impressed with the professional and friendly staff.”


“Although at this time his firm was unable to help me he was very honest gave me the answers I needed and didn’t charge me for nothing. I would definitely use him in the future if he can help me.”


“He and his team were notably honest and had great communication throughout the process for my long and complicated auto accident. After it was all over, the results were better than we initially imagined. A truly engaging team and sincerely cared for our ordeal.”

A Satisfied Client

“Andy Nguyen is a great lawyer! Helped me a lot through my car wreck and battled with the insurance company to make sure I had a fair settlement.”


“Andy’s firm was very helpful with my accident case. I previously had a chiropractor but was not satisfied with their service. Andy’s firm referred me over to an amazing Chiropractor to be treated and the service was over and out! Andy’s staff was very courteous and very helpful! Overall, this is a great firm. I highly recommend them!”

A Satisfied Client

“Andy handled my divorce professionally and down to earth at the same time. Amber will keep you up to date and answer any and all questions. I would HIGHLY recommend Andy and his staff for your legal needs.”


“If you are in need of great legal representation in Dallas/Fort Worth, look no further. The team at the Law Offices of Andy Nguyen are extremely knowledgeable, professional and really friendly. Andy and Amber will make you comfortable and lead you step by step, this team truly cares about helping clients and I recommend their services to anyone. My wife and I were in a stand still in our immigration process so I contacted The Law Offices of Andy Nguyen to help. We are happy to say that their team got us to the finish line. Give them a call if you need legal counsel, you will be happy you did.”


“Andy and his staff were terrific. Amber was also a blessing to work with, always keeping me up to date. He made sure that my divorce was quick and painless as possible. I would definitely recommend him.”


“Andy assisted our organization informing our Non-Profit staff. His office and staff were very helpful and informative. They assisted us every step of the way. They were very professional and facilitated the process tremendously.”


“Mr. Nguyen and his staff, especially the amazing lady, Amber helped our organization to obtain the non-profit status. They’re very helpful, courteous and quick to respond.”


“I came to them after trying to reason with the insurance by myself and they immediately got everything started. Amber kept me updated and got me a really good deal for my car. Although it was a terrible process, they made it so much easier and smoother. Thank you guys so much!”


“Excellent law office filled with professional people who actually care about you and your well being.

I was in a 3 car accident back in April where I was rear ended by another car who had also been rear ended. They were very informative and explained what was going on through out my accident case and kept me updated every step of the way. They repeatedly checked up on me during my chiropractic therapy to make sure I was getting better! A prior office I went to with another accident was nowhere near as competent or as kind and caring as this one.

During the settlement agreement I know they did their absolute best for me and I couldn’t have asked for better.
I will definitely be returning to this law office for any future accidents or issues (but I hope I never have to of course!) because the staff here are so genuine.

I’ve already recommended this to a college classmate of mine and she too said these people are wonderful!”


“Excellent professional Service! Made my car accident experience less worrisome. They will refer you to a good health professional for your injuries and keep you updated on your case. I recommend Andy to anyone, they will take care and fight for you!”


“Andy Nguyen is the best attorney I could ask for. His whole office works wonderfully as a team. I trust them wholeheartedly. They communicate very well and help me through the whole process. I really felt that they were very caring for me not only as a client but as a person. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done and for being there for me during a very hard time.”


“They did a very good job on my case. I recommend coming to them. Andy’s staffs are good and enthusiasm. Thank you!”


“After the car accident, we didn’t know what to do. Andy’s Law firm helped us get in contact with the other party’s insurance and made sure all claims were correct. He made it very easy for us and made sure we did not have to worry about anything. It was a difficult insurance to deal with and they helped us out a lot. I’m so glad that we have their help.”


“I was referred to this law office by Wendy Doan which was a great recommendation! They were very helpful with informing me of the process after I got into a car accident. They would also call me from time to time to check up on my health. Everyone on their team did so much to help me and I am very thankful!! I would recommend this law firm to anyone!!!”


“What a year it has been but the case is finally closed. Andy’s law firm has been awesome through the whole process. They are always updating us and making sure we are well taken care of during our treatments. Great law firm from beginning to the end!”


“Recommend to everyone to Amber Nguyen. They can solve whatever extremely hard case you will need to summit to immigration. I had been faced to uscis for two years getting green card ( Almost deported and denied) Finally I got it for 10 years. Thank Amber Nguyen you are so amazing working on my case .”


“Andy and Amber will take good care of your legal needs. No matter what your situation is, you can comfortably come and talk to them about it and they will give u the best advice regardless of whether they can take your case or not. Just give them a call and let them know what your problem is.”


“Andy and Amber have been really helpful for my recent car accident. They’ve made the situation very comfortable for me, at my convenience. Professional and organize. They are prepared for any circumstances and situation that is being brought to. Excellent and would recommend to everyone.”


“Awesome place and extremely professional! Can’t get a better service and Andy know exactly what he is doing!!”


“Exceptional legal firm, Andy definitely knows what he’s doing. Even though I’ve only needed him once, I feel very comfortable coming back to him (although hopefully I never have too!).”


“I will recommend this law firm over and over again. Their professionalism is top notch and will work with you even if you are not in the country (which was so in my case at the latter part). Thank you, Peggy and Amber, it was a great experience working with your firm.”


“They will meet your needs, I highly recommend them. This is my second time going to them with a time sensitive issue and both times they worked very hard to make sure I was taken care of. The entire staff is very professional and very friendly.”


“Attorney Andy Nguyen and his firm are great to work with. Andy is smart, detailed oriented, and ethical. I had Andy helped me with a business contract, and he did a great job on it. I would recommend Andy Nguyen and his law firm to anyone that needs legal services.”


“I highly recommend this law firm. They kept in constant contact with me and worked hard to represent me after my car accident. The process was easier than I could imagine after dealing with trauma from a car accident. They helped coordinate medical care and the insurance adjuster for my car. Amber Nguyen and Andy Nguyen are such good people and they truly care about the outcome of their cases but more importantly they care about the total well-being of their clients!”


“I will definitely recommend Andy Nguyen! Miriam was awesome!”


“Great firm to be with. They go to the furthest extent to help you with all your needs! Andy’s firm has helped me along with many friends and family for many years now.”


“I ended up at Andy’s office after a series of unfortunate events and on a recommendation from a family friend. The initial visit was a no pressure honest assessment of my situation. I was rather quite surprised to find that his knowledge and understanding surpassed more than the legal aspects of my case. As he was able to explain to me what to expect with the treatment of my injury and the recovery process. I will admit that these things are not all that unique. That a person might more than just expect their attorney to possess this ability, they demand it.

It wasn’t that or the friendliness and professionalism of Amber and the entirety of Andys staff, or the convenient location of his office. Of which was always immaculate. Or how I never once had trouble finding a parking spot, that set Andy apart from the rest. It was how he went out of his way to assist me in one of the most difficult times in my life. By doing things that he didn’t have to out of the kindness of his heart. He helped me when he didn’t have to because he cares because he is a good person. With Andy I never once felt like I was just a name on a file or that when I voiced my concerns that they fell on deaf ears.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in life it’s that genuine care and concern is nearly impossible to fake and more than just easy to pick up on, it’s obvious. So, I thank Andy, Amber, and the staff for being more than just my attorney on my path to recovery.”


“Friendly staff, very helpful. Explained every step of the process in terms you can understand.”


“Got into a car accident in March 2015. I was recommended to Andy’s Law Firm then. They were wonderful from beginning to the end. It took us a year to closed the case due to multiple treatments my husband had to go through but it all went well. Andy’s staff was very diligent and professional. Andy’s assistant Amber was wonderful. She was always there to answer any of my questions. It was very simple to get a hold of her and she always makes the time for you if needed. Overall this is a great firm to work with and I truly recommend them.”


“Great communication and provided honest service. Highly recommended.”


“The firm is great because they were on top off i.c.e. renewal of green card. It took the government 6 months to give me my new card and when they got it they notify me that they receive it. Very good and helpful firm.”


“Amber and the staff at Law Office of Andy Nguyen are amazing! They did a phenomenal job in helping/guiding me through the whole process during my car accident. Their knowledge and professionalism are second to none. I’ve been to the Law Office of Andy Nguyen 3 times now and each time I walk very satisfied with the experience. Highly recommend.”


“This Firm helped me to have my car correctly repaired. The estimate by the assessor was $1600. And the final repair cost was $11600! The staff was very courteous especially Peggy who was always helpful. Thanks.”


“In October I was riding my bicycle to work when I was hit by a car. Two days later when I woke up in the I.C.U my first worry was a potential pile of medical bills not to mention the time out of work. To my amazement, I found that they not only had the ball rolling but everything going favorably and even my time out of work compensated by the insurance. I was constantly kept up to date about everything going on and never had to wonder what would happen. I highly recommend them for ANY need, amazing lawyer and staff!”


“They are professional and friendly. I did not have to worry about the complicated insurance/medical claims. Everything was taken care of by the team. I highly recommended them.”


“Andy goes above and beyond to understand his client’s needs. His staff is exceptional and professional, guiding you every step of the way.”


“Andy Nguyen is the best attorney who can work on your problem well.”



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