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Arlington’s Top Vietnamese & Hispanic Family LawyersFor over 12 years, Andy Nguyen has been helping families secure their futures, protect their interests, and most importantly—provide for the wellbeing of their children. Andy understands that there is nothing more important than your family, and he works with that in mind, providing the preeminent family law services for the community of Arlington, TX. As a distinguished and sought-after divorce law attorney and child custody lawyer in Arlington, TX, Andy provides the kind of counsel you don’t often find today—one-on-one, considered care and expert legal service that will make you feel secure and comfortable. Andy treats every client like family, and after working with him, you’ll see why Andy’s clients stay with him through the years for all their critically important legal matters.

Andy has legal expertise in family law, criminal law and family violence, bankruptcy and debt, as well as car accident, immigration, and business law matters, and while he gives 100% to every client regardless of the type of legal matter, family law is an area he particularly enjoys. Since he became a licensed member of the Texas Bar in 2005, Andy has pursued opportunities to help families in need.

Divorce Lawyer For Vietnamese & Latino Families In Texas

On a wedding day, no one ever says, “I do, at least until I don’t.” Every couple enters their marriage with love and hope, love for each other, and hope that all will be well, and that the future will see them holding hands while walking on the beach well into their nineties. This is a beautiful picture to visualize, but unfortunately for many, this will not be the outcome.

Depending on which study you source, the data shows that divorce numbers have been historically high. While commonly cited data has often put that divorce number anywhere from 40% to 50% of all marriages in the United States, shifting demographics have shown that the number is actually dropping. A recent study conducted by a researcher at the University of Maryland found that the divorce rate actually dropped 18% between 2008 and 2016.

That’s great news for families, but it doesn’t obfuscate the fact that many marriages will certainly still end in divorce, and when they do, both parties, whether they are in Arlington, TX, the surrounding area, or somewhere else in the US, will absolutely need an experienced divorce law attorney.

What Can A Divorce Law Attorney Do For Me In Texas?

When divorce happens, you’ll want the counsel of a divorce law attorney who has plenty of experience navigating the many and various complex issues that divorces bring to the surface. Dividing two lives that have been joined in a myriad of ways takes some time and effort, and must be done carefully and thoroughly.

An Overview of the Grounds for Divorce In Texas

Divorce laws vary from state to state. Each state establishes its own ‘grounds for divorce’ that may allow one of the parties to ask the court for an official dissolution of the marriage based on grounds that could be rooted in fault, such as cruelty, adultery, abuse, or perhaps incarceration. If one of the above, or possibly another, grounds exists, you may be able to successfully petition for dissolution. Your divorce law attorney can advise you on existing state laws, and explain the terms, etc. that will apply to your divorce. It is important to note that if you can establish grounds for divorce that the court approves, this could affect spousal support, whether it will be available at all, and if so—how much support will be mandated. Your divorce attorney can also advise you on potential technical issues that may allow for the marriage to be voided or annulled.

An Objective Intermediary: Child Custody & Visitation

As divorces can be highly emotional, your divorce law attorney can help mitigate some of the painfulness of process. If you have a divorce law attorney or child custody lawyer in Arlington, TX, either can advise you on important issues regarding child custody and support. Child custody and visitation are often the most contentious issues in a divorce proceeding, and your divorce law attorney can act as a safe intermediary who will keep things moving while also keeping them calm.


After a divorce judgment, there are multiple aspects of the divorce that can be changed. Of course the appropriate reasoning must be in place, but if so, modifications can be implemented. Your divorce law attorney can assist you with the pursuit of a modification, which will require a party to petition the court to ‘modify’ the original judgment. Many times modifications are requested due to changing circumstances and are often done for reasons regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, and even basic parenting time. When it comes to modifications, it will depend on how convincing your argument is, and whether the court sees merit in your proposed modification. When you work with an experienced divorce law attorney or child custody lawyer in Arlington, TX, the details of the laws pertaining to modifications will be thoroughly explained so you can make an informed decision before applying for a modification.

Dividing Retirement Accounts

If you are divorcing, you know that you have to divide your assets, and of course provide for the ongoing and proper care of your children. But one area that is extremely complex and often forgotten, at least initially, is the division of retirement accounts. This is a tricky area that is at best, complicated, and at worst—a potential tax nightmare.

A skilled divorce law attorney can help you navigate these troubling retirement account issues. First, you need to remember that in most cases retirement funds acquired/added during a marriage are seen as marital property. Contributions to the 401(k) that come from salaries can become hot issues when a divorce happens, and you’ll need to walk carefully to ensure that you are protected, and your finances are secure. You’ll need to consider if any of the money in a 401(k) was accrued before the marriage, as those funds would be deemed separate property. To properly divide a 401(k) plan, and other pension plans, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is typically required. Additionally, the courts are required to follow federal guidelines in regard to dividing funds in 401(k), 403(b) and others. However, state laws will oversee how IRAs are divided.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to the division of retirement accounts. The issues are extremely complex and, like an iceberg, they can cause severe damage if not properly handled and/or carefully circumnavigated. If you’re facing a divorce, call the Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC right away and let us protect all your interests.

Debt Repayment

Family debt is another issue that is critical to consider when divorcing. In a marriage, debt can be considered ‘joint debt’ or it could fall upon one party solely. If you and your soon-to-be former wife or husband have lived a debt-free life, then congratulations are in order, for you would be in the minority. However, most individuals, and partners in marriage, have at least some debt, and many of us carry substantial debt. Thus, if you are divorcing you need to be sure that your attorney investigates all debt, to ensure that you will not be unduly saddled with debt after your divorce.

Handling Property Division

Your divorce law attorney can assist you with division of property. Prenuptial agreements, separate property, community property, equitable distribution, there’s a lot of legal to consider when divorce happens, in regard to the division of property. And states, once again, vary on how property is handled in a divorce. A seasoned divorce law attorney can explain your options, and help you devise a strategy to manage the division of property in accordance with the law.

The Bottom Line

When hiring a divorce law attorney, it’s critical to ask questions, and detailed questions regarding finance, property, custody, and asset division issues are some of the best questions to ask. A skilled divorce law attorney should already have a wealth of knowledge on the current laws that impact asset distribution and division of assets.

Therefore, considering the aforementioned, it is imperative that you do some internet research and educate yourself about the many issues that pertain to divorce. Come to your consultation with a broad understanding so you can pose the kinds of questions that will help you to judge whether your divorce law attorney knows just the basics, or is a bona fide expert. If you feel that the divorce law attorney you’re meeting with is lacking in her or his knowledge, you may want to keep looking.

The Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC has a solid reputation for handling divorces successfully—offering comfort, unparalleled knowledge of the law, experience, and sound counsel. As a skilled divorce law attorney and child custody lawyer in Arlington, TX, Andy Nguyen will protect your interests and ensure that you walk away from your divorce feeling secure.

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