Fairly Dividing Debt During Divorce

Fairly Dividing Debt During DivorceEnding a marriage often involves dividing the value of property, bank accounts and other assets. However, dividing assets is only half of the equation. Most divorcing couples also find they must fairly divide a variety of joint debts. At the Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC, based in Arlington, Texas, we help clients in Grand Prairie, Arlington and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area to strategically and effectively divide marital debts and assets. Our lawyer is a dedicated advocate on behalf of clients’ financial interests. Attorney Andy Nguyen handles family law cases involving:

  • Mortgages
  • Credit card debts
  • Business obligations
  • Student loans
  • Other marital debts

Determining Who Should Be Responsible For What

In some cases, this means dividing the debts 50-50 between the parties. In other cases, it means assigning all or most of the debt to the party who is best able to make payments. In some situations, the best option is for both parties to file for bankruptcy prior to divorce.

No matter what your particular situation is, you can count on our Arlington family law firm to guide you toward a fair and workable solution. We are usually able to resolve debt-related concerns through a negotiated settlement. If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved outside of court, you can also rely on us to diligently represent you at trial.

Do You Have Debt You Don’t Know About?

We have seen situations where one spouse rings up debt in the other person’s name. The other spouse may have no idea there is debt under his or her name until the divorce discovery process takes place. We encourage clients to run credit checks to eliminate such unpleasant surprises.

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