Seeking Temporary Orders And Protective Orders

Seeking Temporary Orders And Protective OrdersThe Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC, offers diligent and caring legal counsel and assistance to couples who need to obtain temporary orders during divorce. Our Arlington lawyer also provides aggressive advocacy to victims of domestic abuse and those wrongly accused of it.

Temporary Orders During Divorce Proceedings

In a contested divorce, we often help couples set a hearing to obtain temporary orders. These orders essentially set the rules for the relationship until the divorce is finalized. For instance, the temporary orders may specify with whom the children will live while the divorce is in progress, who will pay the mortgage and more.

Temporary orders also place financial restraints and relocation restraints on the divorcing parties. In general, parties are forbidden from selling any assets or moving away with the children.

While temporary orders are not final orders, it is still wise to have experienced legal counsel on your side before agreeing to anything. Often, the judge will take temporary orders into account when creating a final divorce decree. You will want to make sure your interests are fully protected in this important family law matter.

Protective Orders For Domestic Violence

In some cases, family violence makes it necessary for one spouse to seek a protective order or temporary restraining order against the other. The violence or abuse may be directed toward the husband, the wife, or the children.

Our law firm can step in and help you obtain the legal order you need to protect yourself and those you love. Or, if you have been wrongly accused of family violence, we can diligently defend you against the charge.

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