What Types Of Immigration Cases Does Your Firm Handle In Texas?

There are two types of immigration cases: family-based and employment-based. Our firm handles family-based immigration cases. This means that we can help you sponsor your children, mother, father, brothers, and sisters. We can also help you sponsor your wife, husband, or fiancé.

What Factors Are Considered By The US Citizenship And Immigration Service In Granting An Individual Immigration Status?

When deciding whether or not to grant immigration status to someone, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service will consider who they are related to and in what way they are related. When immigration is looking at naturalization, they will look at whether or not the individual is of good character.

What Is The Difference Between Getting An Approved Visa, Obtaining A Green Card, And Becoming A US Citizen?

The difference between a visa and a green card is that the former will allow you to stay in the US for a certain period of time, while the latter will allow you to stay in the US for as long as you want, granted that you do not get removed for doing something wrong. Being a US citizen will confer certain rights, such as the ability to stay in the US forever, as well as move where you please.

What Is The First Step You Need To Take To Begin The Immigration Process To The United States?

If you are interested in starting the immigration process, you and your sponsor should consult with an immigration attorney. It will be very helpful if you start gathering your biographical information, and information pertaining to your sponsor, such as where they have lived for the past five years. You will also need to obtain and bring with you to the consultation copies of your birth certificate.

How Long Should I Expect To Wait For An Answer As To Whether Or Not I Have Been Approved?

The amount of time that you will have to wait in order to find out if you’ve been approved will depend upon what you applied for. Until this past year when green card holders could become US citizens, the process took anywhere from six to eight months. Now, the wait can be anywhere from eight to 14 months. The processing time takes a little bit longer now, but there is a way that we can check the approximate wait for each type of case by figuring out the receipt date, which is the date you applied.

If My Petition Has Been Approved, What Is The Next Step?

Once your petition is approved, you will go to an interview at the immigration office or at the counselor level. Once you pass the interview, you will either receive your visa, a relevant card, a notice of approval of citizenship, or a green card.

Can Someone Apply For Immigration Status For His Or Her Family As Well?

Two of the major factors considered when applying for immigration status for family members are age and medical status. You would also have to determine whether the family members would qualify under a derivative application, or if a separate application would be needed.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Immigration Attorney To Help Me With My Case?

Immigration attorneys want more than a bunch of forms; they want to understand your backstory. Given our experience both with clients and with immigration, we will be able to tell your story and ensure that your application has the highest possible chance of approval.

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