What Preparation Do You Recommend To Your Clients For The Day Of The Interview That Will Better Their Chances For Success?

To best prepare for the interview, get a good night’s rest, dress in a minimum of business casual, and have all critical documents organized in a folder with dividers.

Will Both Spouses Attend One Single Interview? Or Is Each Spouse Going To Be Interviewed On Their Own Or Only Together?

It is at the discretion of the immigration officer adjudicating the case whether you will be interviewed together or separately. Sometimes couples are called into one interview, and other times couples are called in individually one at a time.

Will We Be Interviewed Separately By The Same Immigration Officer Or Will There Be Separate Officers Conducting interviews?

Generally, the same immigration officer will conduct the interview if you are interviewed separately.

Will Our Immigration Lawyer Come With Us To The Interview And Be Allowed In The Interview Rooms?

The lawyer is permitted into the interview room. If you want an attorney present with you at your interview, it is a $500 fee for that service here at the Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC.

Who Conducts The Interview? What Training Or Background Will The Immigration Officer Have?

The immigration officer conducts the interview. The immigration officers sometimes have a law enforcement background, work in other government agencies, or work their way up to become immigration officers.

What Information Is Safe To Share With The Immigration Officer? What Is Required To Share?

Information safe to share with the immigration officer is information disclosed on any and all immigration forms and information in the documents submitted to USCIS. Required information to be provided is that which is asked in the immigration forms.

If My Spouse Or I Had Previous Marriages That Involved Immigration, Is That Information Up For Review And Discussion? What About Other Previous Marriages, Not Related To Immigration?

Any previous marriages you or your partner had are open for discussion during the interview.

If We Don’t Know The Answer To A Question, Is It Better To Say, “I Don’t Know” or “I Don’t Remember” Versus Trying To Make Something Up?

If you do not know the answer to a question asked by an immigration officer, it is better to be honest about it rather than try to concoct a story.

What Are Some Of The Common Reasons You Have Seen That A Couple Would Get Extra Scrutiny At The Interview?

Reasons a couple may face increased scrutiny are the presence of a significant age gap, the timing of marriage as it relates to how the beneficiary came into the United States, in particular, a nonimmigrant visa like a visitor visa, prior marriages in particular prior marriage petitions, or a lack of evidence.

What Are The Possible Outcomes Of The Green Card Interview?

Approval – what happens next? In three to six weeks, you will get an approval notice in the mail, and then in another three to six weeks, you will get the green card in the mail.

Request for evidence – what kind of additional evidence might they be looking for? Proof of cohabitation, or evidence of comingling of financial assets.

Additional review – what happens next? If the evidence is satisfactory, you will receive an approval notice or call for a second interview. If evidence is unsatisfactory, then notice of intent to deny will be issued explaining the reason for denial. The client will be provided 30 days to respond to the notice of intent to deny.

Second interview – how soon does this happen, and what further questions could they possibly ask? The second interview will be scheduled as the officer’s schedule is available. Again, questions could stem from the remaining issues the officer may hold.

What Are The Most Common Reasons You See Marriage-Based Green Cards Denied? What Can We Do If This Happens?

Common reasons marriage-based green cards may be denied are a lack of evidence, inconsistent answers during the interview, or if the client is inadmissible and may be eligible for the waiver. If denied, the client will receive notice of intent to deny, explaining the reason for denial, and will have 30 days to respond to notice of intent to deny.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Mistakes You See Married Couples Make When Heading Into The Interview Process?

Some of the biggest mistakes we encounter are not listening to questions carefully that are asked of them; not recognizing vague queries or questions that can illicit multiple answers to the same question; not having updated documents available and organized to be presented to the officer at the interview.

What Is The Value In Hiring Your Firm To Guide Married Couples Through The Immigration Process, Especially When It Comes To Preparing And Executing A Successful Interview? What Sets Your Firm Apart?

One aspect that sets our firm apart is the preparation we go through with the client, ensuring they are prepared and will not have any unexpected pitfalls once the interview occurs. We walk our clients through every step of the case and make sure clients are prepared in advance of the interview. We are also available to answer any questions or concerns the client has throughout this entire process.

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