Severe Car Accident Injuries

In the United States, the greatest cause of personal injuries in car accidents. Although automobile manufacturers are putting their efforts to come up with efficient life-saving features in new vehicles but injuries due to car wreck is still a serious concern to them. Vehicle collision incidents cause severe injuries and even death to victims. Below are some common injuries that may cause due to automobile collision.

1.   Spinal Injuries

‘Whiplash’ is one of the most common injuries that occur in vehicle collision cases. It happens when the head of the victim is thrown backward, forward, or sideways by an impacted vehicle. The velocity of this sudden action can impose severe tension on the muscles as well as upper and neck ligaments.

With time, most of the whiplash cases resolve themselves, but some permanently disable the victim. Additionally, vehicle wreck trauma causes various damages to the soft tissues of the lower and upper back. In severe cases, it can even cause disc herniation or skeletal trauma.

Such cases require a lengthy recovery period and frequent surgery treatment, physical therapy, or long-term pain management. Extensive spine trauma can result in partial or total paralysis and even death.

2.   Head and Brain Injuries

In the U.S, 17.3% of all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused due to car accidents. TBI occurs when the hard surface of the skull is impacted by a rapid skull movement. Our brains freely rest within the head, a shocking event can impact the brain and damage their soft tissues.

TBIs may result in bleeding, bruising, or swelling of the brain, and other severe conditions such as skull fracture. Usually, TBI victims suffer unconsciousness or other visible symptoms immediately, but it is difficult to diagnose. Many TBI sufferers encounter symptoms much later.

3.   Broken Bones

In car accidents, particularly lower and upper limbs are exposed to injuries. The risk of infection due to broken bones is very high. In serious cases, it may require surgical treatment and physical therapy to get fully repaired injured limb. Victims may lose limbs in most severe accidents and cause substantial damage to one’s ability to engage in daily tasks and quality of life.

4.   Facial Injuries

From minor facial injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises to severe injuries such as jaw/dental damage, burns, deep lacerations, or fractures, all depends on the intensity of collision and safety measures.

Lacerations include deep punctures, scrapes, cuts into the underlying skin that are most encountered in minor car accidents. Soft facial tissues are more susceptible to injury from the impact with the vehicle’s interior parts or thrown objects such as broken glass or bottles.

Get Legal Help

Almost all these injuries are costly to treat and, if not fully corrected, may cause permanent disability. It then results in the inability to care for oneself, work, or to do routine activities. You may not be guilty, but it’s your right to get fair compensation for your loss. Contact Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer now and discuss your matter. They will guide you and help you get through the legal process smoothly.

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